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Dec 9, 2012 12:00pm PST
, that's how long our leaders in washington have left to figure out what to do about the so-called fiscal cliff. the latest on the negotiations and ha it means for both sides political capital. that's straight ahead. >>> plus washington state's same-sex marriage law took effect at midnight and couples tied the knot just as soon as they could we'll talk about what might happen when the supreme court weighs in. >>> plus, all indications are, that congress is gearing up for a revamping of the nation's immigration laws. what that will mean for the gop and its right wing. first, though, with just over three weeks left to reach a deal on the fiscal cliff. lawmakers from both sides hit the sunday shows to late out the latest battle lines in the fight. on "meet the press," the number three house republican reiterated that any new revenues should come from closing loopholes, not raising tax rates. >> the president wants the rates to go up, that doesn't solve the problem. if the president is asking for higher rates, he's asking for more revenue. most economists agree the best way to get that is thr
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Dec 9, 2012 12:00pm EST
a wonderful sunday. >> jamie: glad you were with us. to washington now. have a great day, everybody. >> just a week after the jovaughn belcher tragedy, another shock for the nfl. one play or is dead and other is you should arrest after a car crash believed to be cause bide drunk driving. jerry brown has died and a teammate, josh brent, has been charged in his death. the first hour of america's news headquarters, starts with a report from our own casey stegele, live in cowboys stadium in arlington, texas. >> reporter: yeah. cowboys stadium behind me is quiet today because america's team is in cincinnati, playing the bengal this is afternoon. but we understand the team was briefed about this tragedy before their plane left dallas yesterday, that's when they learned that one of their teammates was dead and another one was behind bar, 24-year-old josh brent is expected to post bail later today from irving, texas, where he was arrested. police there say late friday night, early saturday morning, the cowboys' nose tackle left a club in dallas, was driving above the posted speed limit, hit a curb a
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Dec 8, 2012 10:00pm PST
kissing >>> shortly after finding out, he jumped from the george washington bridge. >> secretly gay, he jumped to his death after his roommate used a web cam to tape him kiss video online. >> i think people's privacy should be respected and it wasn't so i thought it was messed up. >> it broke my heart. i started crying because i have been in his shoes. >> robby was sentenced to just 30 days for cyber bullying. was in the charged in connection with with the suicide itself. >> when you see somebody doing something wrong tell them that's not right. stop it. >> sometimes the prank is dressed up as a righteous sting. >> because there is child predators out here all over the place trying to get kids to meet them to have sex. it's a very scary situation. >> during the early 2000s, nbc was flying high with highly popular to catch a predator series. premise, to catch men seeking online to meet underaged children for sex. >> this 53-year-old is bringing candy. >> did you bring my m&ms? but what he has in mind isn't so sweet. >> working with internet watchdog group, nbc lured the member to a h
Dec 9, 2012 4:35pm EST
washington, d.c. what is missing around these discussions is the fact that islamists have nothing to offer. the other point is, there is a new generation of arabs who are very different than their fathers and grandfathers. what we should be focusing on, our democracy are threatened by islamist ideology. what shall we do about the threat to democracy? this is the first time they are focusing on their own homegrown problems instead of blaming us and the israelis and other people. what should we do about the ecology that is focusing on destruction of democracies. -- ideology that is focusing on destruction of democracies? >> it begins by recognizing what it is. a couple of years ago, before the tahrir square movement -- the term moderate is one of these slippery terms. to us, it means someone like us. in reality, allah defines is a position in a given political context. there were moderate nazis. but they were still not seize. -- all it defines is a position in a given political context. there were moderate not cease. -- nazis. but theyw er were still nazis. but these people are extremists. w
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Dec 8, 2012 4:00pm PST
washington. what do we know about the suspect. >> u.s. officials have not had a chance to interrogate him yet. they have been tracking this guy for months. they intensified following the group attack in libya. akhmad about 45 years old is a former egyptian jihad member. he was released from prison in march 2011 during the arab string. he is the leader of the jamal met work and has been setting up training camps with financial help from al qaeda and yemen. he was trying to set up al qaeda in egypt. it could be the sign of muslim led brotherhood in egypt maybe willing to assist the u.s. in going after islamic terrorists. >> we know the secretary of state hillary clinton will be talking with lawmaker abouts benghazi and the attack coming up. what can you tell us about that? >> secretary of state hillary clinton will be heading to capitol hill to testify about the benghazi attack. independent review board investigating the attack should have its report done soon and secretary clinton will testify after that according to the republican chairwoman of the house foreign affairs committee. >> i have b
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Dec 9, 2012 4:00am EST
is boring the hell out of everybody and talking about stuff that no one, except in washington and some people want to hear. >> i don't think he even understands what he said, doug. >> it would be pretty easy if he said you know we have got to get together for the god of the sun tri. we can solve these problems together for economic growth. i would love to sit with the president new in the spirit of the holidays and solve the problem. if he did that, then he could reach you, reach me, reach us all. >> we all have a stake in this. >> everybody is talking about taxing the rich. does anybody care about taxing the rich? no. nobody is talking about the spending the do you police sit programs we have in this country. why aren't people talking about cutting back on spending. >> we are not even talking about giving aid to egypt and pakistan. we are not even talking about cutting anything on that at all. >> there is bigger issue. we need jobs. economic growth and revitalization of the american spirit. when you watch this and see america being degraded and devalued you have to be sad. >> that's t
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)